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Our Approach

We believe in treating the whole body rather than treating a medical issue in isolation and tailor each treatment plan to the specific needs of each patient. To help improve movement and reach maximal level of function, we take an individualized, evidence-based approach to pediatric physical therapy and provide parents with the education they need to support their children in reaching their critical developmental milestones.

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Developmental Support/Milestones Check


There is so much brain development that happens during the first year of life. Each stage in developmental sequence lays a foundation for the next milestones. Learn how to add age appropriate play activities each month, so your baby continues to explore, wonder and sets a solid foundation for years to come.

If you are concerned regarding your baby's movement, development, strength or body tension, don't wait and see. Early intervention can make big difference in all realms of development.  We are here to support you and your baby.

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What Our Clients Say

"My son was born almost a year ago, and luckily my pediatrician realized early at his one month checkup that he had torticollis (a head turning preference). We did physical therapy with Amreen every week for about 6 months, up until my son finally started crawling and it was obvious that his torticollis was gone! I have since chatted with a co-worker who struggles with torticollis, and now understand just how important it is to have this treated early on (she constantly has neck problems). Amreen is wonderful to work with - kind, caring, professional, thoughtful, and my son loved her. Amreen always challenged my son to grow and try new things at each developmental age, and I am confident that he wouldn't have made certain milestones without her persistent care and treatment. My son is now nearly a year old, and I have seen no regression, and no hints of torticollis. I really hope you don't have to deal with the stress and constant worry of being a new parent and needing pediatric physical therapy, but if you do, you are in excellent hands - literally. Thank you Amreen!!!"

Kelly K

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